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EBNS is a parent-run cooperative school that uses Waldorf-inspired educational method.  This means that our school is focused on building a strong connection to nature (students are outdoors daily) and emotional development (children learn to love and respect themselves and others).   Our classes place emphasis on three philosophies; thinking, feeling, doing. Lessons are focused on building a sense of curiosity and wonder, and the experience at our school is meant to foster a strong sense of self through play.  

It is important to note that as a cooperative school, all parents of children enrolled in our classes share classroom responsibilities (occasionally assisting the teacher in your child's classtime) as well as administrative tasks to run the school (fundraising, registration, website, facilities upkeep).  If you are interested in an educational environment for your child that is collaborative, interactive, and cooperative, then the EBNS family is right for you!

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Our Information

EBNS Handbook 2023-2024

School policies, organization, parental responsibilities, all you need to know!

2023-2024 Calendar

School holidays, important events, etc

Information Pack: Information Pack
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