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Katie Banta

Head Teacher

Finding Her Way To EBNS:

  • Childlike wonder

  • Teacher

  • Mother

  • Community Member

Educational Experiences:

  • Bachelors in Early Childhood Education and a specialization in Special Education from Concordia University Chicago

  • Kindergarten Teacher

  • 3rd Grade Teacher 

Early Educational Philosophy:

  • Play is the foundation to growth in a child’s early development. 

  • Inviting children to guide their own learning experience whenever possible builds confidence and their sense of wonder.

  • A focus on patiently and gently helping to navigate their social and emotional skills in the earliest years prepares children to have a more successful higher educational experience. 

  • The outdoors are a gift and we should embrace the educational opportunities offered to us naturally as often as possible. 

Hopes Within the Classroom:

  • All of the children feel loved, safe and heard. 

  • Our community thrives as we learn and grow as human beings through our many different roles. 

  • The flow of the seasons continue to guide our stories, songs and hand crafts. 

  • The rhythm of the day provides us all with a sense of comfort so that we can come to expect a certain peace when we gather.

  • That all of the children fall in love with learning and feel confident in their ability to adventure and explore what awaits them outside of EBNS.

Tom Moore

Assistant Teacher

Finding His Way To EBNS:

  • Teacher

  • Father

  • Traveler

  • Nurturer

  • Farmer

  • Learner

Educational Experiences:

  • Early Childhood Education Student at SUNY Geneseo

  • Kindergarten Teacher at Cobblestone School

  • Art Teacher in the Rochester City School District 

Educational Philosophy:

  • Child-Centered, experiential education engage kids and prepare them for future learning.

  • Play! Wonder! Nurture! Fairytales, songs and games are used to open minds and hearts. 

  • Learning and life are seasonal and rhythmic. Varying play by the season and by the day is purposeful and allows children to learn actively.

Hopes Within the Classroom:

  • Every child should feel important and understand that their feelings matter.

  • Children will come together respecting and caring for one another so they will grow to function as healthy adults with an appreciation for community.

  • When friends are sad, hurt or feeling left out, they talk about how it is important that everyone feel included and safe, with their bodies as well as their hearts.

  • Children will be encouraged to notice each other and to let each other know when something is not right or if someone is hurting. 

  • Embracing the joy of teaching, learning and community!


“What could be more magical than watching children grow?” – Teacher Tom


Cori Almekinder

Board Chair

O Stephan 2.PNG

Onnie Stephan

Health Clerk

Carly IMG_9054.jpg

Carly Taylor



Joe Travers



Michaela Sandness


Vice Chair


Suzie Guttierez



Lauren Dias


Fundraising Co-Chair

Danielle and Bill Ford


Yasmine Qazi

Fundraising Co-Chair

Our Team: Our Team

Cori Almekinder

Lauren Dias

Vice Chair


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